Grindhouse Wetware was founded January 2012, by what was then a rag tag group of programmers, engineers, and enthusiasts. In the short five months that followed, Grindhouse evolved from a group of highly driven individuals on the biohack.me forums, to a dedicated team working towards a common goal – augmenting humanity using safe, affordable, open source technology.

“What would you like to be today?” Grindhouse hardware and software are designed with the hacker in mind. The hardware and software are open source, which allows the user to reconfigure code, add on or take off sensors, and generally explore. Though all hardware can be purchased from the Grindhouse website, all schematics for our implants and cyberware are open source – the user can either use our schematics to build their custom model from scratch, or purchase our model with a breakout board to get started.

There are many excellent organizations that are doing very important financial and scientific work for transhumanism. The groundwork for the technology and science we use has been in existence for decades, it is not nanotechnology or advanced Synthetic biology (the technologies that most excite futurists), but anatomy, electrical engineering, and programming. At Grindhouse we firmly believe that with imagination and drive, any of us can feel and touch EMF fields, explore its contours, sense the temperature of objects across a room, navigate a room using a sonar sense, or even connect your body to the Internet – right now. It is that dream above all that drives us to create.