Hello world! Grindhouse Wetware here

Grindhouse Wetware is a think tank founded in 2011 in Pittsburgh, PA by Tim Cannon and Shawn Sarver. It was intended to serve as a thinktank addressing the issues facing transhumanism today- and most especially, the messy, bloody, artistic world of the grinder, people who are experimenting with technology using their own bodies as laboratories.
Currently, much of the energy of the team is devoted to Grindware Circadia, which is a formal biotech business designed to sell devices created by Grindhouse Wetware. The CTO of Grindware Circadia is Tim Cannon, last seen most widely packing a deck of cards-sized sensor package into his arm to test new transdermal charging techniques. The CEO is Justin Worst.
The goal of Grindhouse is to keep transhumanism in the hands and minds of people who want to do the work themselves. Becoming your best self is difficult work, and pouring our blood, sweat, and tears into something makes you want to see it succeed. That’s why we work in open source, low cost markets- we believe that the more people have access to this tech, the faster we can get it into the mainstream, and available to the people who want to embrace what the future offers.
Grindhouse and Grindware have some very interesting forthcoming offerings, and furthermore, our team of engineers, scientists, programmers, and increasingly bold pioneers of flesh and circuitry are working every day to bring us closer to technology we can have, hold in our hands, and install in our bodies.
Stick with us, we’ll be laying out our dramatis personae and some recent developments over the coming weeks.